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18 December 2007 @ 11:22 pm
Tomorrow morning, I'll be sober, but you'll still be beautiful  
Anyone else see the finale of Tila Tequila or am I just that lame-ass chick who was eager to watch her TiVo-ed copy of the "first bisexual dating show"? Dani totally kicked Bobby's ass at rapping. I totally need that shit on a CD.

And I totally love Tila Tequila. She might be kind of skanky, but she is freaking hot, and her song "I Love U" is my new guilty pleasure. I feel like I have just been listening to a non-stop loop of that, Fiery Furnaces, and, of course, the Across the Universe soundtrack.

Not really much else new here. I've been spending a lot of time at home since I left Cheney. I think I'm just relieved to be able to be by myself in my own room. I mean, Kadija and I get along great, but sometimes a person just needs some alone time. Like when they want to watch Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers and fantasize about being Eva Green, or being WITH Eva Green. I've always wanted to put on black gloves and say, "I can't stop you, I've got no arms," while Michael Pitt does obscene things to me. Haven't you?

I really didn't think much of the film when I first saw it, but I really love it now. If only because it's as pretentious as I am, which is difficult to do. I'm kidding though. I just feel that it really captures this amazing obsessive romance of film, ideals, and what it means to be young and reckless. Not that all reckless people have incestuous relationships with their siblings. I just think it's really beautifully shot, tragic, and compelling. The novel it's based on is probably one of my absolute favorites, which is why I was so sad that it was stolen from me, along with three of my other favorite books (The Piano Teacher, Assassination Vacation, and The Piano Teacher) and season one of Arrested Development. It makes me almost as happy as John C. Reilly singing "Rehab."

Eva Green's character Isabelle smokes these very glamorous colored cigarettes in the film called Nat Sherman Fantasias, so today while I was out with the lovely Teresa Nguyen, I bought a pack at this little cigar shop. I haven't tried them yet, as I was too busy watching Leave It to Beaver, but they sure do look pretty. The cute clerk at the store also mentioned these others called Pink Lights that are bubblegum-colored and have gold filters. It's just so very Paris in the 1960s that I want to chain myself to the gates of the cinema. I also bought a copy of Melissa P.'s second erotic memoir and a one-dollar edition of Sidney Shelton's The Other Side of Midnight. I was looking for something for Julia for Christmas, but I think I am still going with Hairspray and the manga version of the Bible.

I feel like when I started writing this, I had a clear idea of something to say, but now, I've just been thrown off by wanting to watch Freaks and Geeks. Teresa mentioned it this evening, and I've been thinking about it since.

I guess the only thing I have left to say is that everyone who likes juvenile humor or gay fiction should read the Nancy Clue series. It's this trio of novels parodying Nancy Drew, but in these books, she's a fashionable lipstick lesbian in love with Nurse Cherry Aimless who gets romantic advice from her gay friends, the Hardly Boys. Really very cute and funny, with a lot of cheesy double-entendres thrown in for good measure.
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Teresapeachroseorchid on December 19th, 2007 08:39 am (UTC)
What can I say, I filter the minds of all with my subtle words of intrigue. :P Good seeing you, lady. Don't be a stranger.